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SatStoreTwo is a "time-shift" program which records programs from one or two sources and plays them back at a later time. SatStoreTwo was designed to record two programs simultaneously,  play wave files and switch the Wegener Unity 4K satellite receiver based upon a time schedule entered by the user. It will also keep a history or log of the Unity 4K EbNo readings and an Activity log which keeps a record of receiver switch commands and record start and stop times and play start and stop times. The program will delete these histories and wave files based upon user selected times.

SatStoreTwo playback may be used on a "stand-alone" computer or it may be interconnected with existing automation. As a "stand-alone" the playback may be started by a remote pushbutton or by an on screen "Play" button. At the end of the wave file, the playing stops or it may be stopped prior by an on screen "Stop" button. Both the on screen "Play" and "Stop" buttons may be made invisible to avoid inadvertent stops or starts.

SatStoreTwo provides and end-of-message (EOM) signal at the end of a wave file which can be used to start the next event when connecting to an automation system. Remote control of SatStoreTwo is provide through the parallel port.

SatStoreTwo can also automatically export the recorded wave file to a user determined destination.  Immediately following recording from the satellite receiver, the file is exported to a user determined computer, hard drive and folder.  The user determines the "path" and "filename".  Programs which have a long musical outro can be faded out at a user determined time automatically when the file is exported.

SatStoreTwo starts recording after the scheduled record time when audio is present above a pre-determined threshold. This eliminates the need for editing or trimming the beginning of the wave file. The end position of the wave file is marked when the last time the audio level drops below the threshold, eliminating the need to trim or edit the end of the wave file. This also sets the EOM. If desired, both the EOM and the end of the file may be changed after recording.

Files are recorded 16 bit at 44.1 Khz either mono or stereo. A good quality "professional" sound card should be used. In most cases, it is not likely that the computerís "on-board" sound card will be adequate for "on air" or production although it will be adequate for "audition" purposes. Donít skimp. Buy a pro sound card.

Installation is simple and should not be difficult for anyone who has installed other software programs.


Instructions. Download SatStoreTwo and copy to a temporary location. Unzip using WinZip or PKunzip. Click on "Setup.exe" and follow the prompts to install SatStoreTwo.

Be sure to make the following folders (directory and sub-directory). c:\Satfile and c:\Satfile\Logs. Wave files may be saved on any hard drive, but be sure to create a \satfile folder on that drive.  You may make the folders as you normally do or go to the folder where you have installed SatStoreTwo and click on install.bat.  That will create the folders and make sure the libraries are properly registered. 

Copy Source.dat, SwitchList.dat and Sathelp.rtf to the c:\satfile folder. You may wish to copy the setup files to floppies. After installation, start SatStoreTwo. You will need to set up or change options in SetUp.

Be sure to read the Help file for information. "Tool Tips" are provided on most boxes or options. Place mouse over box or option to read tip.

If when you run SatStoreTwo you get a message which says libraries not registered, be sure to run Install.bat

Questions?  call 541-389-8873 or email