The Biden administration is leading a worldwide effort to transfer individual national decision-making sovereignty over healthcare decisions to the World Health Organization, the healthcare arm of the United Nations. This is Terry Cowan with a New Life Radio Commentary.

According to former Congress woman Michelle Bachman, quoting "when they do that, transfer that authority, it won't mean that we'll have co-authority, it will end our authority, and that authority could be over issues like climate change, abortion. Nearly anything that they come up with, they can take the power and call it healthcare because the language says it can be a potential healthcare issue. It doesn't even have to be pandemic related."

Mrs. Bachman says a proposed amendment by the Biden administration includes "global tracking and tracing of every human. Every person will be issued their own separate digital identity and their own QR code. If a person doesn't have the requisite number of testing or if the requisite number of shots, he or she won't be able to travel, or be able to buy or sell. "

The way to stop this insanity is for the United States to leave the WHO. Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona has introduced House Resolution 79, H.R. 79, and it's very simple. This bill requires the President to immediately withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization and prohibits using any federal funds to provide for U.S. participation in the WHO. Call Congress and tell them you are opposed to President Biden surrendering American sovereignty to the World Health Organization. Get the United States out now! The telephone number to call is 202-224-3121. The representatives for our area are Cliff Benz and Lori Chavez-DeRemer. Once again that number is 202-224-3121.